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This time I'm in Scotland to shoot a couple of pictures for my mental health series and one for a piece on wedding dresses.

The hire car was a Vauxhall Adam, stupid name, but rather nice car - lovely top spec leather seats etc...

And the street sign made me laugh
It was also the week I interviewed Koo Stark who had a show of her work at Leica.  I had bought her book from Bush books, the only place to go for lunch in Shepherds Bush back in the 1980s... 

Piece here.
So this is it... you see the whole thing online - Calming Touch
A Pink Floyd flying pig outside Broadcasting House and a couple of street shots...taken on a lunchtime stroll
Same pig, just posted a week late.... helping out with the bronze Duke of Edinburgh again and a couple of lunchtime shots.
We were asked for ideas we could use to tell stories around the snap general election so I had this brainwave...

As the UK prepares to go to the polls, we asked teenagers born on 9 June 1999 what matters to them and about their hopes for the future.

Sorry - Born one day too young to vote

Terrible news - my childhood here Roger Moore died...

I met him a couple of times, took a few shots including this one. Sadly not the one shown here from The Spy Who Loved Me, the best Bond film ever....

And our new frisbee and Alistair getting wet in the garden

Back to Snetterton with Alistair's friend George - lots of track action and a bacon roll!!!