April 2017
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Week 14
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Week 16
Week 17
Continuing the Caterham theme Alistair and I head off to Snetterton to watch some racing, good bacon rolls as always....
And a quick walk around the farm... our standard trek from home
Had to go and photographer the funeral of PC Keith Palmer, who was killed in last month's Westminster attack, has taken place at Southwark Cathedral in central London.

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An Easter Egg hunt at David and Zoe's, hand made chocolate by Alistair and I am starting to shoot a project on mental health, looking at objects people hold to get them through the day.
A Little Chef in the A1 as I head up north to shoot some more picture for my project.
Jane and I went to Lyvedon to check it out as a location for the 50th celebrations - Andrew and I are both 50 this year...