June 2017
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Week 23
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Week 24
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Week 25
Week 26
Was out taking a few pics at lunchtime and met this lady on her doorstep in Fitzrovia.

Had a long chat, she was in the army with the Queen during the war and has lived here ever since.
The Scalextric is back out and we finally get it working well later in the summer

The Ferrari Dino on the left was parked near work. One of my favourite toy cars as a child was a blue version of this so had to snap it.

Girls on their bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition, the real  one this time, not the practice.
Our daughter Lydia is 16 - Congratulations
Presents and a party at home with her friends.....
Hannah and Lydia ready for their school Prom!
Off to Borough Market to shoot a piece marking one month on from the terrorist attacks...

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Week 21
A day at the beach, in a beach hut in West Mersea - great fun for all the family arranged by Susan and Alan