March 2017
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Week 09
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Week 11
Week 12
Almost exactly 30 years ago I started working at the BBC and caught the train from Bush Hill Park Station (below). Due to train failures I ended up staying in Enfield for the night so was once again at the station early in the morning.... 30 years on... the poster on the left at Tottenham Hale felt about right!
Above is just a random street photo, went to take a picture and she just took a swig from the can, making for a better shot... 
At Bluewater - escalator instructions for idiots....
A trip to Thamesmead - the famous estate where they filmed A Clockwork Orange... Leica M-P
A trip down memory lane, off to the Great Woods in Northaw - and time to hand back The Podmore Plate to the Leica Society, something awarded to me last year..... and this sign caught my eye....
Week 13
Always wanted a Caterham, and here it is... a Lego one, finally complete after the build which we limited to 10 sections each session/day - to replicate the real build time, around 70 hours.