May 2016
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Week 18
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A new bridge has been installed down at the lake, all very impressive,,,

Week 19
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Week 20
Week 21
The Leica Society have awarded me the Podmore Plate, for services to the Society, namely editing the magazine for nine years or so... I met Malcolm in a pub near Chelmsford for he hand over.
Alistair and I headed to the London Motor Show in Battersea, lots of cool cars on show, though it was an incredibly hot day.

Of course the Caterhams were my main focus!  Alistair tried the driver's seat for size... perfect!
It's Duke of Edinburgh time, Lydia is off with Hannah and her friends on a long walk, camping and then more walking.

I was helping out too. observing another group as they made their way along the route.  Great fun, for me, hard work for Lydia....
Top Gear is on it's way back to the BBC after the presenters left last year. This is a large model of The Stig that greeted me on my way into the BBC office at Oxford Circus one morning.