June 2016
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July 2016
July 2016
Week 22
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I've been taking pictures of statues of women around London for a story we are running soon about the fact that there are so few to named women, i.e those celebrating a woman's achievements, rather than just a royal etc...

Week 23
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Week 24
Week 25
Week 26
A day out at Audley End, Queen Elizabeth I turned up to greet us.
Far left is the garage used in the opening sequence of The Prisoner, the Lotus 7 drives out after McGoohan resigns.
I was in The Photographer's Gallery and spotted this strange scene outside the window. I uploaded the picture to Instagram and within a few hours the students who were taking pictures and posing under the silver foil had got in touch.
Below:  A visit to the Mersea Fair....
Rover from The Prisoner.....
Women of Steel - more statues...
Random items shot for a BBC 3 programme... All done on an iPhone...
It seems Number 6's rebellious nature is once again being used to spur the public into action, to question and to examine their own thoughts and beliefs, and that of society. The art seems to be part of a wider campaign by a someone called SmileStreetArt. They have a number of Prisoner related posters/quotes, and each one seems to be a one off piece.

I emailed the artist who had only recently become aware of the series, they said: "Our friendly Number Six obviously represents the outsider and the non-conformist, he is defiantly individual and anti-collective, and it is these qualities that resonate with me.”

I sent this to The Prisoner website,
Lydia is back on the Duke of Edinburgh trail, this time her real expedition, and again I was tracking a group too - this is the campsite.
After a long walk on Saturday, camping and then another walk it was off to Sally's.

It was in fact Lydia's 15th birthday!  She looked shattered after no sleep and a long walk... but she got a bass guitar and lots of there good stuff.
It was also Olivia's birthday party, so 155 was the number...
Surprisingly the country voted to leave the EU, so called, Brexit, so I was sent with Jon to Corby to see what the residents made of it all...