April 2016
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Week 14
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Arrived in the office to find myself sitting next to a large ball, thought I was being hunted a a Rover from The Prisoner!
Week 15
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Week 17
Week 16
It's Zoe's birthday, a round number, but I won't say which one...
The caste in Bishop's Stortford, Waytemore Castle, details here.
Off to the press day at Silverstone Classic, which was full of James Hunt memorabilia, cars from his days at Hesketh Racing, his McLaren which he own the 1976 F1 title with, and his son Freddie Hunt behind the wheel.
The best part was that I was driven around Silverstone in this little Lotus.... fun, though terrifying!
Freddie Hunt, Murray Walker and the team boss at McLaren in 1976. BBC Piece here,  and Instagram video here.