June 2010
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Week 22
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Week 24
A speical day at Audley End draws a small crowd in the rain where we get to watch lancers compete in a tournament of horsemanship.

All good fun, and all shot on a Leica X1 loaned to me by Leica in London.
Week 25
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Week 26
Week 23
Alistair with his monster bean grown in our back garden. Sadly most of them were eaten by some nasty critter, but a number made it, very tasty.
Lydia, Alistair and Nanny make cakes for Lydia's 9th birhtday next week...

and Alistair and Daddy went with his class to visit the Colne Valley Railway to see Percy, Thomas and friends...
Lydia also sang in the choir at school...
Happy Birthday to our dear daughter Lydia, 9 this week
Lydia had a jewellery party. Lots of fun too, though Daddy had the task of clasping them all together! We ordered a box on the internet and it came with everything we needed, excellent value and Lydia and her friends had a lovely time, plus they could take all their creations home. Excellent quality.

Alistair had a Lego X-Wing to give him something to do...
Sports Day... both did very well...
What a busy week, a trip to see James and the Giant Peach at an outdoor theatre in the woods
Time for the water in the garden
Alistair in his school uniform, checking out what it is like to wear a tie
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