May 2010
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Week 18
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Week 19
Week 20
We started the week with a tea party at Brownies. Lydia and her friends bought us all cups of tea and lots of yummy cakes.
Week 21
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The chap on the right was walking his ferrets outside the National Portrait Gallery so became my snap of the day as part of my Kodachrome project.

Below, the Magazine team prepare for election night.

A few more Kodachrome snaps on the streets and a picture of the Elephant Parade that came to town.

Alistair and his friend Leo playing with a remote control car.

Below - On the beach at West Mersea

A street shot on the Millennium Bridge in London, part of my 64 week Kodachrome project.

Exposed, an exhibition at the Tate Modern - I wrote a blog entry for the BBC on the show.

Read it here.

The Photographics London Collectors fair, I bought an Olympus XA compact camera.

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