November 2009
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Week 45
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Week 46
Week 47
Lydia and Alistair at home on their bean bags. Taken on an old Olympus XA3 camera, now being used for part of my Kodachrome project.

It's not exactly sharp but I like the colours and feel of the image.

Week 48
It's Alistair's 5th birthday, so Happy Birthday little fella... lunch at the pub and a family party.

I've often thought about getting my picture taken with the TARDIS at work, but I finally had an excuse to do it when an intern, Jo, asked me to take her picture.

A street photo taken for my Kodachrome series. Attempting to get the halo's over the people's heads. Not quite...

Below Alistair enjoying Star Wars on the DS.

My first attempt using a pinhole camera attachment on my Leica, shot on Kodachrome. No lens, and a long exposure, I was quite pleased it came out at all.

Right: It's been wet all week....

Both pictures are part of my Kodachrome project.

October 2009
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