February 2009
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Week 09
It's snowing, most for 18 years or something silly...

Had a few pics on the Beeb, taken on walk to and here
And this is BBC TV Centre where I work

Nokia N95
NUJ Protest

Around 400 photographers met outside Scotland Yard in London to protest against a new law.

Full details on the BBC here...
My pictures on Flickr here...
Video of the protest on
the BJP website here...
Dan Meyer, sword swallower.  Enjoy the show here...
Oddly enough a day later I spotted these police search the station at Tottenham Hale as I pass through.

Larger version here
March 2009
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January 2009
Lydia and Alistair enjoy the snow on a
walk to town
Jane and Alistair enjoy Mario Kart on the Wii
Lydia's school assembly. She had a speaking part and did really well...we're very proud of her... and the chicks are part of a classroom experiment where they watched them
hatch and
grow to two
weeks old.
I wrote an article on Robert Frank's The Americans -
you can read it here.