January 2009
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Week 01
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Week 02
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Week 04
A cold New Years Day at the woods with friends.

Lydia and Alistair enjoyed romping through the mud with Thomas and William.
Week 05
It's Jane's birthday, a nice round number but we won't mention it.

Trying out the new Nikon D3 camera and a 50mm f1.4 lens.... wow, this could kick start a love of digital.

(Far right was on Nokia phone)
Alistair is now a champion racing driver on the Wii...Mario Kart.  That's him in the middle.
This is Biddy Baxter who launched Blue Peter many years ago and has just published a book of letters sent into the programme.  A lovely lady, here's the full story.
...And this is Stephanie Flanders the BBC's economic editor who is back from maternity leave and now writing an excellent blog on the news site, follow her here.
Back with the D3 and 500mm f1.4 lens...this time to Mersea and a day out with Susan and Alan.  Such a great lens, for a pleasant spot by the sea...
February 2009
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