August 2008
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Week 32
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Susan and Alan have moved to Mersea so we paid them a visit and explored their new home.  Not somewhere I'd heard of before, but it's a lovely spot and we had a great day.

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All rounded off with a game of Coppit, what could be better!

On a different day I met Veronica Carter, who won our first photo competition at work many years ago and we had a pleasant afternoon catching up and even got to the top of St Pauls Cathedral.

Managed to shoot some more street photos with the Ricoh, pleased with some, especially the one on the left.

All Ricoh street pictures are here.

A different project is to shoot pictures of my journey to work, views from a train.  Not much so far, but I like this one.

More here

Holiday time.  In fact we are already there as we are spending ten days in Villiers sur Mer, Normanday, same as last year with David, Vicky, Oliver and Amy.

Far better weather this year, we ate outside every night except for one which was lovely.  Children had a fun time on the beach where we spent most of our time.  Other than that we made it to Caen Castle and Pegasus Bridge.

Black and white photos to follow once I have developed them.

^>Pegasus Bridge

<This is us sheltering on the beach, a sandstorm hit and everyone fled except for the four of us, we just sat there and ate Bourbon and Custard Creme biscuits.

Alistair and Lydia playing with the water spray at home, and Percy chugging along on our train set.
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