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Week 27
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I've been trying to kickstart my street photography again, my street photo blog being the main reason, though others are on Flickr.

Most so far has been shot on the Ricoh GRD, a delightful little camera.

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<Grandad has been back to hospital but here he's having fun with Alistair looking at some photos on the computer.
^Alistair and Daddy playing pooh sticks
Ahh, the A-bike by Sir Clive Sinclair, simply genius.  Here David gets to endure the saddle and odd looks from those we meet.
More presents for Lydia...
Alistair as seen from his pop-up shop tent.  Taken on my M6 with a 1937 Summar 50mm lens, lovely details and yet soft.
Alistair, Mum and Lydia on their bikes, me? I have to walk and help Alistair when he gets stuck..
Lydia with her birthday rosette
Lydia at school sports day, great fun on a lovely sunny afternoon...
Alistair and his friend Sam enjoyed it too.
The headmaster calling Mum's and Dad's.. I had to take the photos so couldn't run.... err that was my feeble excuse anyway... Penny had a go...
Lydia's party day has arrived... and you can tell she is growing up as it is a pamper party.  Ten girls get their make up done and dance and sing to High School Musical... such joy!

Happy birthday once again Lydia...
Phoebe, Eleanor and Lydia on their last day at Rainbow's, off to Brownie's in September.
Time flies.  Can it be two years since I last went to Farnborough, well it can.

Off to do my own thing this year, picture gallery and words.  Decided to make it a little different and disect the frame using parts of aircraft, or at least some of the time.

Best bit though was Leiws Hamilton being mobbed when he came to a halt.

Full gallery on the BBC here.
More boys toys... err yeah.

The Motor Show had some cars on show and the usual model to launch them.

Best bit, that was meeting Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally and Mack from Disney's Cars.

BBC gallery here.
At work my colleague has decided to try to live without plastic for a month. 

A brave idea, see her blog here.
This was also the week of an awesome trip to Legoland...hurrah...
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