June 2008
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Week 23
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A chance to visit the Tower of London means we are in for a great weekend.  Gran is with us and we began with a sneak look at the church where David and Zoe will marry at the end of the month which is nearby, then it's time to enter the Tower.

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(Below) Traitors gate
> Lydia reading the news on autocue
^Daddy and Alistair examine a canon
Site of the chopping block!
Sadly Grandad is not very well, so while Jane is at the hospital with them Alistair and I visit the park in Enfield.

And botton right, the one in Bush Hill Park.
Back home Alistair plays to the camera.
Here we are again, Lydia is now 7.  A school day and for a number of reasons her party is not for a couple of weeks, but she gets lots of presents including a new bike and we have a  fun day.  Many happy returns to our dearest daughter.
Also it is all change at work as the core news teams move out:
Last morning meeting in 7540
Empty office the next day
World meeting in their new newsroom
UK meeting the thier new newsroom
...and yes, we stayed behind!
On top of that I have been updating the blog photos for a number of presenters:
> Mark Urban, Michael Crick and John Easton

The BIG wedding day has arrived.  David and Zoe are marrying in a small mediaeval church, St Olave’s, Hart Street, in the City of London.  Lots of guests, a champagne recepetion and then on a boat on the Thames, followed by a night in the Apex Hotel.  The kids are very excitied.  Lydia is a bridesmaid and Alistair a page boy. The day began well, one of Lydia's teeth finally fell out.  From then on, all went to plan and it was a magical day. Here are a few of the snaps...

Lots of tired children at the end of the night. 

For the first time Lydia decided to take up sleepwalking and fell on a table, and as for getting out of the one way system going home, well ten minutes later we passed the road with the hotel in yet again!  Oh for sat-nav!

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