March 2008
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Week 10
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A fun weekend at David and Vicky's.  The children had great fun on the Wii...

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Week 14
It's Gran's birthday, so the family gathered at her house and Lydia took this photograph.

This week it's yet another birthday, this time Nanny is 70, which is a good excuse for Sunday lunch in  a restaurant followed by tea and cakes back at their house. One thing to note is that Lydia has lost her two front teeth.
As you can see I've hardly shot any pictures for work so far this year.  So on my way to see the hotel weher we will be staying for David and Zoe's wedding in cetnral London I shot a few street pictures with the Richo GRD, and this is about as good as it gets.

On top of that I now have a street photo blog at:
Traces of life

Having said that, I then got a call to shoot a Gurkha protest with Nick Clegg MP outside Westminster:

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Holiday time.  A week in Yorkshire so we can visit the children's great grandparents provides lots of fun, a wide range of weather conditions and and a chance to try out a new camera, the Ricoh GRD compact.  The verdict? Lovely.
Whitby does look grand, and the fish and chips is as good as everyone says it is, and yes, Lydia has lost her front teeth...

Our cottage, and Jessie...

^We were caught in a snow shower in Richmond castle, and Lydia show's her great grandpop how to use a PDA.

Mum and Lydia search for clues in Whitby Abbey

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A day in Brighton for BBC School report... Full story here.