September 2007
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Week 36
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Can you believe it, it's back to school for Lydia in year two, and Alistair starts pre-school for a couple of mornings a week too.

Don't they look smart!
Week 37
Week 38 and 39

A sad week.  Last monday Jane's Nanny died aged 98 so this week we went to Thatcham for the funeral.

Lydia and Alistair laid a flower in remembrance. 
As we arrived home from the funeral I started to feel unwell and was eventually diagnosed wtih severe pneumonia.

So I've been off work and totally out of it for a few weeks.  Added complication is that my chest x-ray was not great so am still awaiting more tests but have at least recovered enough to add this picture.
July 2007
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October 2007