August 2007
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Week 32
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Legoland!  A very long day out, but the kids loved it and we had lots of fun too..highly recommended.
Week 33 and 34
Week 35
It's holiday time again and this year we are off to France, Normandy with David and Vicky, Oliver and Amy.  Weather was somewhat poor, but we ventured on to the beach on the good days and spent the rest of the time exploring Falaise, Bayeux and Honfleur, to name but a few.
Alistair enjoyed the morning walk to get the bread from the shops and jump over the bollards.
Lydia lost her first tooth within hours of arriving in France.  Luck was with us though as the French tooth fairy paid us a visit.  Everyone enjoyed the butterfly house, though they never stay still for quite long enough.

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The lost village of Imber
on Salisbury Plain.
Evacuated by force
during WWII the
residents were never
allowed to return and
since then it has been
a training ground for the
Army.  Marie and I went there to meet one man who lived there at the time to produce an audio slideshow, will add a link when it is ready.