May 2007
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Week 19
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Jay, Lydia, Alistair give baby Owen a big cuddle.

Week 20
Week 21
Week 22

Spent a night in Paris for the elections. Can't say it worked out that well but here are the results, the shot on the right being as good as it got. (Canon Ixus55)

French voters at play
French ghettos mobilise for election
Alison and Lee got married this week... so congratulations to them.

The school fayre was hit by heavy rain, much like the whole summer, but Lydia had fun on Jane's stall and showed me her work in her classroom.

Denise just can't stop working... full story here.

Lunch with Grandpop and Kristine, followed by a walk in the woods.

Memorial to the Iraq War

A new exhibition opend at teh ICA in London and I went along with Caroline from work, she's the one in black, just in case you thought I was stalking her as some of our readers did.

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April 2007
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June 2007
40 all over again.  Andrew and I celebrated our 40th birthday at Sally's house in Kent.