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Week 10
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Bogged in!  This was a fantastic course at Millbrook, off-road driving and a little bit of on-road stuff too.  This was us stuck in the smallest hole on the course, and no, I wasn't driving, it was my colleague Russell.

Week 11
Week 12
Holiday in the Lakes once more.  Been a year since we were last in the area to see Great Grandpop and Grannie, and two years since we stayed on the farm near Keswick. This week proved to be somewhat wet, but we had a good time though I didn't take many pictures, which is odd for me.

It's been over a year in the making, but Paula and I are setting off on an 8,00 mile journey to the Falkland Islands to cover the 25th anniversary of the conflict there between Britain and Argentina.

First stop is RAF Brize Norton to board an RAF flight full of squaddies.  An 18 hour haul with just two hours to re-fuel in Ascension Island.

Far left: the RAF arrive to greet us after 18 hours in flight.
Top middle: Ascension Island
Bottom: The Upland Goose, our home for two weeks
Above: Paula with the Stanley totem pole

I could show many pictures here but to keep it simple I'll show one from each story we filed (there are lots) with a link to the BBC page where you can see the rest of the shoot.  The stories did very well on BBC pages and The Observer and Daily Mirror picked up on "Class of One" and both published my pictures.  This link will also show you my Falklands pictures on Flickr
Life in Stanley
Class of one
When the ship comes in
Invasion day, but it's business as usual
The Falklands economy
Traces of conflict
Wriggly tin
Island defenders
The next generation
Kings of the Falklands

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