March 2006
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Week 10
Crufts.  I'm not a great lover of dogs but I got to spend the day walking around the NEC in Birmingham surrounded by mans best friend.

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February 2006
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April 2006
Alistair and Lydia playing around at home as test out a Nikon D70.

Not a very good picture this week. However it's one of the most important for a long while, yes, Lydia had her milk challenge this week and she's been given the all clear.

She can now eat dairy products.  It's great news and her first request is a doughnut with coloured sprinkles.  I think it looked better than it tasted but it's a start and the chocholate buttons went down a treat.

Chernobyl, Ukraine

On April 25th 1986 the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl in the Ukraine exploded spreading radioactive material across most of Europe.  To mark the anniversary I spent ten days photographing some of the abandoned villages and the town of Pripyat in the exclusion zone as well as meeting many people involved in the disaster twenty years ago.

Not the most flattering picture, but this is myself and Stephen Mulvey inside the nuclear plant at Chernobyl.  We carried dosimeters during our trip to ensure we didn't expose ourselves to high levels of radiation.

During our stay we compiled a diary on the BBC site which you can read here: Chernobyl diary part one

Most of the pictures were shot digially on a Nikon D2X but the most succesful pictures of the buildings were taken on film using a Leica M6.
Here are links to the picture galleries I produced and the in depth report on the BBC News site that contains many more of my pictures.

Chernobyl in depth
Chernobyl's lost city
Chernobyl's silent graveyards
Chernobyl's ghost villages
Chernobyl's zone residents
Being the twentieth anniversary makes it fascinating for myself as the accident happened a few months after I joined the BBC, an amazing 20 years ago. 

The exclusion zone is a weird place, but one that could easily draw you back time and time again as there is so much to see and photograph.

I hope my pictures convey something of the effect time has had on the old buildings and the lives abandoned one sunny April day.