January 2006
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February 2006
December 2005
Week 1
Andrew, his wife Michelle and their children Ian and Elise are over from the US so it's time for a few more presents.

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Below: Lydia and her friend Thomas and William at our local lake.

Week 2
Marmalade sandwiches and a bear that needs a home.  Paddington Bear's creator, Michael Bond is 80 this week.

Click here to listen to and see the interview.

Week 3
It's Jane's birthday, lunch at Cafe Uno and presents at home.

We only ever seem to go to italian restaurants as we know it's ok for Lydia's milk allergy.

Week 4
Alistair's a tumble tot, and he loves it.  Lydia's back for the day to help him out as we are off to the hospital, yet again.

A busy day as it's goodbye to our Peugeot (had to be towed home on Christmas day by the AA) and hello to our new friend, Meg.  A Renault Megane Sport Tourer, or its less glamourous title, a family estate car. 

At the weekend Gran comes to visit and we brave the cold weather for a walk.  Alistair loves the outdoors and it's a real effort to get him back inside, Lydia just enjoys being on her scooter.

Week 5
I'm in Belfast for a few days photographing Kingdom Come, an evangelical conference.  Anne was organising the press coverage but we found time for a guinness in the oldest bar in town.

The BBC is running a season on respect and I'm off to photograph a debate in Northampton. Click here to see the story.

A very busy week, this time it's the East London mosque.  Click here for the story.

December 2005
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February 2006