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Photo 'A' Week - August 2005
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September 2005
July 2005
Week 31
< Some of my colleagues whilst on a photo course, run by me.  You can see my skills have rubbed off on the chap who took this!

Week 32
^ A thursday, four weeks after the London bombs and two weeks after the failed ones. Another shot during rush hour on the Central Line!

Week 33
Alistair at nine months with Lydia, now just over four years old.

Week 34
Paradise Park Zoo, lots of fun for everyone and a picnic too.  Hope the three girls on the left know what's behind them!

Week 35
Later in the week we are off to Anglesey Abbey with Jacqueline, Stephen and Eleanor. 

Owned by the National Trust its gardens are spectacular and great to explore. 

It's only let down by the small picnic and games area.

Lydia's fourth birthday party.  It's a few months late as she had Chicken Pox at the time.

For a few hours we had seven princesses running around the house, Emily, Eleanor, Ella, Phoebe, Hannah, Sophie and Lydia.

Lots of games, crafts and a party lunch, yum!

Andrew and Michelle are over from the US with their two children Ian and Elise as they prepare to head to Benin as missionaries.

For now we all play in the park near Gran's house.

July 2005
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September 2005
Lydia's been growing sunflowers, and didn't she do well, she even took one to school which is growing outside the classroom.