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Photo 'A' Week - June 2005
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July 2005
May 2005
Week 23
Lydia and Alistair's official portraits, not by their Dad though!
Week 24
Week 25
Lydia's recently been dressing up, not something she has enjoyed before, and Alistair is desperate to walk, even though he can't crawl yet.
Week 26
OK, very tacky effect above, but can you believe Lydia is four. Despite lots of great presents Lydia's birthday did not go as planned.

I (Dad) had chicken pox, caught when helping out at Lydia's school, Alistair then caught it from me so we had to cancel Lydia's party.

Lucky really, as she came down with it the next day!  I decided not to put up the pictures of three spotty people!  We did manage a small family gathering...
Lydia's first school outing to a local farm.

I went along to help, somewhat mindful of what I might manage to catch this time around!
July 2005
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May 2005
(Below) The birthday card we sent to Cbeebies. It appeared on time and Chris & Nicole said they loved the "cool glasses."