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Photo 'A' Week - May 2005
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June 2005
April 2005
Week 18
Alistair and Lydia have lots of fun on the swings.

Week 19
Week 20
Alistair lets Dad feed him, pictures please Dad!

Playing in the garden.

Week 21
It's Lydia's turn to look after Barney Bear from school tonight.  She has to make sure he goes everywhere with her and then write it in a diary and draw a picture.

(Below) The school fayre, a good afternoon out and Lydia had her face painted for the first time!

Week 22
An early birthday present for Lydia, a new bike.  She's a proud little girl.

Photo taken on new mobile phone, not bad.

More mobile phone snaps at the swings.

June 2005
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April 2005
Read all about the new chess computer... here
Taken earlier this month at BBC Television Centre in the early hours of the morning.  I was working the night shift covering the General Election, as expected Tony Blair was re-elected for a third time.