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Photo 'A' Week - December 2004
November 2004
January 2005
Week 49
An early visit to Father Christmas at Manor Fields School with Lydia's friend Emily.
Week 50
Alistair asleep on Daddy'
Time for a tree. Lydia
is very excited this
year and helps decorate our little spruce. 

Think we should have got a bigger one.
It's been a very quiet few months in terms of photo assignments at work so I decide to assign myself.  A morning in Santa's grotto at Brent Cross.  Lots of fun, well actually very few visitors on a cold Tuesday morning, but enough. Anyway click here to see the full set.

Nikon D2H
Week 51
Lydia's first nativity play.  At pre-school she is one of many angels, her friend Phoebe is Mary!
Alistair, another little angel!
Lydia and Alistair pose for a photo, and it was one of Lydia's last trips to Tumble Tots, something she has really enjoyed and has given her loads of confidence.  Not to mention climbing skills, she can now climb the loft ladder on her own!
Week 52
Schools out for-ever! Well, that's the end of pre-school, rbing on nursery.  Eleanor, Phoebe and Lydia.
Alistair in his crib and having a cuddle with his big sis'.
Audley End train to see Santa.
Lydia and her pals at their christmas bash.
(Above and below)
Back to pre-school for a christmas party, and Lydia's first encounter with a magician.
Another last, well, until after Christmas at least.  A break from Ballet.
Christmas is here again, here we all are looking the worse for wear on Christmas morning.  Other shots are of Grandpop and Gran who came for the day.
Boxing Day. Right with Great Nanny and below with Auntie Sally and Cousin Jay.
Last picture of the year, Lydia and Alistair with all their presents!
January 2005
November 2004
Phoebe, Lydia and Eleanor dressing up...