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Photo 'A' Week - November 2004
October 2004
December 2004
Week 45
Baby Amy.  Our first meeting with David and Vicky's new daughter.  She's charming.

Canon Powershot A75
Week 46
Bonfire Night.  Ok, afternoon!  Lydia and her friend Eleanor get their first taste of sparklers.

Canon Powershot A75
Early planning, mixing the Christmas Cake.

Canon Powershot A75
Week 47
Meet the latest member of the family, Alistair George Coomes, born on 8th November at 9.17am, 8lb 9oz.  Below Lydia makes sure he knows who is boss.

Lydia getting ready to walk to ballet, the last weekend before her little brother arrives.

Canon Powershot A75
An hour or so old with Mum.

Canon Powershot A75
> With Gran
< With Nanny and Grandad
^ Mum, Alistair and Lydia
> Back home!
This looks like an interesting place!
Week 48
A busy house!  Lots of visitors to welcome the new baby, including Gran and Uncle David and Auntie Claire.
Not forgetting Mum and a proud big sister, Lydia.
Although looking at these maybe she'd rather be on holiday!
Daddy, Alistair and Lydia.
More guests, Auntie Sally and Grandpop.
Jay, Lydia and Alistair.
Lydia's friend Eleanor has a cuddle with Alistair.
December 2004
October 2004
Lydia and Nanny early one morning.