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Photo 'A' Week - October 2004
September 2004
November 2004
Week 40
Hartlepool by-election, could be boring! 

Spent the day shooting a mock polling station for coverage of the next general election, then the evening at the count for the local election.  Lots of action, Father 4 Justice assault on the Lib Dem candidate, singing, shouting, arrests.  Just a few shots here though.

To read more see the BBC story here.

Nikon D2H / 80-200 AFS
Week 41
Week 42
Our little Ballerina! 

Lydia has started ballet lessons, well it's more an excuse to dress up and run around.

Nikon D2H / 28-105
Week 44
NUTS!  The World Conker Chammpionship in Ashton, yep another big story for yours truely!

Click here to see the full story and pictures on BBC News Website.
One of the teams! Last years Women's team winners no less.
Quite pleased with this one...
Week 43
Not long now.  A few weeks to until Lydia has a new baby brother or sister.
A family get together.  Jane's Nanny with her Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. (L-R) Sarah with Connor, Sally and Jay (front), Nanny Hurst, Jane and Lydia and David.
September 2004
November 2004