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Photo 'A' Week - April 2004
October 2003
May 2005
Week 15
^ On our way home from the Lakes we stop off at Lydia's Great Grandpop and Granny's house.

(Below) Lydia back at home in her room with her Fimbles puzzles.  Leica M6 / Leica 35mm Summicron
Week 16
Week 17
Oliver and Lydia in Hatfield Forest with Uncle David, and the effect of a good day out.

Leica M6 / Leica 35mm Summicron
Remember that car I mentioned a month or so ago, my moment of madness!  Well here it is... top up though as it hasn't stopped raining since I bought it!

Leica Digilux 1
Week 18
Lydia's 'official' picture this year. Still the same weird
background but otherwise smashing!

Where am I now!  Back at
Battersea Power Station.

This time I am persuaded to climb up to the scaffolding to the base of one of it's four chimneys - it's a bit scary! Ah well, made it back though.

Above is me at the base of the chimney, you can see on the right.  Above gives some idea of the scale, everything here is very very large.

Off to visit Gran and quick
trip to her local swings, plus Lydia meets 'Monkey' - an old friend of mine.

Back on her bike. Whilst in Halfords (for above car!) we buy Lydia a cycling hat, which she refuses to take off.  But it's gives her the
confidence to get on her bike, and despite appearances (right) she has a great time. I think she was annoyed she had to stop for the photo.

May 2005
October 2003
What's this!  It's Lydia's baby brother or baby sister, yes there are going to be four of us come November, all being well. We're looking forward to it... can't wait to see the little fella, or fella'ess!