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Photo 'A' Week - March 2004
February 2004
April 2004
Week 10
Lydia on Dad's computer.  Almost overnight she has got to grips with the mouse, moving it on screen, clicking and even dragging objects.

Leica M6 / 35mm Summicron
Week 11
Week 12
It's Gran's 65th birthday. The plan was to have a flying lesson (Gran not Lydia!) but the weather was against us.  Anyway it meant the ducks got some much needed bread before we had dinner and a slice of cake. (Below: Lydia and Gran on their way to the ducks.)

Leica Digilux 1
Err, this one takes some
explaining! Maybe a mid-life
crisis or the realisation I
can't afford a Caterham, but
I have just bought an old
Peugeot 205 Cti, yes made
before the first Gulf War,
well just, and has done
enough miles to drive to Iraq, and back a  few times, but then it didn't exactly cost a fortune, not yet anyway - wait until I start sorting it out. More in following weeks...

Week 13
Lydia out for a stroll through the puddles in Hatfield Forest.

Leica M6 / 35mm Summicron
Tumble Tots!  Lydia and her friends having fun, she came second in the regional 'face of tumble tots' competition.

Pictures by Eleanor's Mum
The Flying Scotsman is up for sale, so Claire and I took a ride to the sidings where it's kept to have a look for ourselves. 

Click here to see the BBC News Online Story and to see the set of pictures open the In picture section under the top photo.

Nikon D2H 12-24
Battersea Power Station, Pink Floyd, Animals and all that. Wow, and I got a trip round the whole thing, with many more visits to come, watch this space!
Week 14
Alternative Fashion Week, what fun! 

Click here to see the BBC News Online Story.

Nikon D2H 12-24 / 80-200
Also this week for a Migration special I got to look around 19 Princelet St, a wonderful museum in the East End of London.  Go if you are in the area. Click here to see the story.

Holiday time!  Hurrah.  We are off the Lake District again, staying at the farm we went to last year and visiting Great Grandpop and Granny in Yorkshire.  Lots of pictures, very lucky with the weather (once again) and a great time had by all.  All pictures Leica M6 / 35 Summicron

^ Castlerigg Stone Circle
< Fornside Farm

^ Lydia & Dad at Ashness Bridge
< Watendlath - King of the Castle

Trotters World of Animals!

^ Pooh sticks at Watendlath, Lydia loved it, and so did Mummy & Daddy.

^ Helping out with the washing up.

^ Painting a pot which looks great and (top right) at lunch, one of my favourite shots of Lydia.

> Saying goodbye to the ducks at Keswick.

February 2004
April 2004
To celebrate Gran's 65th Birthday earlier this month all the family head for her home.

I had lots of fun with Charlotte who helped Gran blow out her candles.

< At Friar's Crag, a wonderful spot for a photo.

Ready to head home...