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Photo 'A' Week - July 2003
June 2003
August 2003
Week 27
A day at the Zoo.  With David, Vicky and Oliver. We all head off to Whipsnade Zoo for a great day out.  The Sea Lions put on a great show, the Penguins loved the fish and Lydia got to have a chat with Roo and saw Tigger in the distance.  All in all a fantastic day.

Week 28
Week 29
Grandpop came to stay for the weekend and we had lots of fun in the garden and a lovely lunch at a local pub.

The fun fair has come to town and Lydia loved it.  Lots of goes on the rides though I think she liked the yellow car best. 

That's my girl!

^ Lydia with her friend Matthew.

< Lydia and Dad relax.

Week 30
I spent some time with the journalists at Millbank, teaching them how to take better pictures... at least the instruction to get closer seems to be working.

The Festival of Speed at Goodwood.  A lovely day out though I did have to get up at 5am.  I met cousin Paul and Rob, and even though we came from different directions and there were seven car parks and thousands attending we managed to park within three cars of each other!

Week 31
Lydia and Oliver having fun in paddling pool.

Lydia choosing something from the cupboard - very naughty.

Olympus Mju-1

Lydia having completed the 'Big Toddle' raising money for Tumble Tots and Barnardo's.

Olympus Mju-1

Off to the Natural History Museum for a story on the T-Rex.  Excellent animatronic models, click here for the full story.

Nikon D1 28-80 2.8D AFS

August 2003
June 2003