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Photo 'A' Week - June 2003
May 2003
July 2003
Week 23
David and Vicky came over for a Bar-B-Q, weather was good and Lydia and Oliver played in the garden.

Leica Digilux 1
Week 24
Two jobs for work, the
Queen goes back to
Westminster Abbey to
mark 50 years (click here) since her coronation and 'ten things' - this week feet! (click here). And a couple of appearances for Lydia on the front of News Online in the 'puffs' shown below.   Leica Digilux 1 (above)
Lydia makes another appearance on the BBC, click here.

Week 25
Black and white photo shoot.  Great weather so we are out in the garden having a wonderful time.

Leica M6
My cousin Janette is over to see Lydia's    Gran so we all head off to the swings for some fun.

Leica M6
A strange one for work this week, looking at how easy it is to spend Euros in the UK. These are thongs with the union jack printed on them in one of the shops we went to - it sold tourist items!
Click here for the full story on BBC News Online.

Leica Digilux 1
Week 26
An 'official' picture - a very serious young girl.

I took half the week off but prior to Lydia's birthday we were out on the Segway.. great fun. Click here to see the story on BBC News Online.

On Lydia's birthday, 19th June, we awoke early and opened a few presents in bed, gardening kit, manic martians (Dad likes that!) and lots of good stuff.  Leica Digilux 1

On her birthday we headed to Frinton - only takes about and hour to get there but it was our first trip.  We were met by a lovely empty sandy beach where we had a picnic and playd for a while - then the tide came in!  Ended the day on the beach at Clacton and Lydia's first McDonalds - such class - not!

The next day we had a party at home for all of Lydia's little friends... all 15 of them plus Mums, brothers, sisters .... etc.. tankfully it was sunny so we could use the garden.  Lydia had loads of good presents and was thoroughly spoiled, well why not.
The whole gang playing pass-the-parcel and below all her friends.

Lydia didn't seem that thrilled with her Fimbles cake - too much excitement! 

All pictures Nikon F100 28-105

At the weekend we had a  bar-b-q - no fires this year though. 

Nikon F100 28-105

Lydia has progressed since I last saw her swimming.  Off on her own, very confident.

Leica Digilux 1

We had a busy week.  Our big adventure was heading to London on the train, Lydia's first time. 

She was so good, enjoyed walking through Carnaby Street, around Hamleys and trafalgar Square.  She even started dancng in HMV and got lots of looks as she tottered aloher little backpack.

A grand day out.

Leica M6 / 35 Summicron

July 2003
May 2003