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Photo 'A' Week - February 2003
January 2003
March 2003
Week 06
Lydia with her gingerbread house.

Leica Digilux 1
Lydia at Gran's piano.

Leica M6
lunch with

Leica M6
Lydia and Oliver at play. Leica M6 / 35 Summicron
Week 07
Will Straw, Student Union leader and son of the current Foreign Secretary Jack.

Nikon F100 / 85 f/1.8D
A sad day.  Lydia's Great Grandma, and my Grandma, died last week.  The funeral was held at Southgate Cemetary, led by her son Paul, all the family were able to attend what was a loving goodbye.

Nokia 7650 mobile phone
Week 08
With the prospect of war in Iraq up to a million people marched in central London to protest. 
Megan and I took to the streets to file a weblog with the aid of the mobile phone camera and at the same time I shot these on my Leica.  Oh, it was the 17th, what a way to spend my birthday!
Click here to read the BBC story.
Week 09
Lydia practising her footie skills in the garden

Leica M6 / 50 Summicron
A misty morning on the way to the station
Leica M6 / 50 Summicron
January 2003
March 2003