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Photo 'A' Week - January 2003
December 2002
February 2003
Week 01
Back to work before the New Year and a wet afternoon was spent shooting shots of the sales in Oxford Street. Click here and here to see two shots on BBC News Online.

Leica Digilux 1
Week 02
Lydia with all her Christmas presents, I've no idea how we'll find room for it all.

Leica Digilux 1
New Year was spent with Uncle David, Auntie Vicky and baby Oliver.  A fun time was had by all.

The first day back and I'm off to the floods in Sonning.  Provided with waist high waders I don't think I gave the locals much confidence.

Click here for the launcher to the story.

Nikon D1 / 28-70 2.8D AFS

I'm shooting all the images for the new website for the Ten O'clock news.

Left is Fiona Bruce one of the presenters.

Click here for website.

Nikon D1 / 85 1.8D

I managed to fall off my bike on the way to the
station this week, a few broken teeth and six
stitches in my chin to close the hole.  Ouch.

Nikon D1 / 85 1.8D

Week 03
A snowman in West London. Leica Digilux 1
Once again the ducks are in need of food.  This time though the lake is frozen so we are treated to the site of them trying to stand. Leica Digilux 1
Week 04
Another student
event.  This time
the NUS gathered
to decide on
it's reaction to
the governments
proposals on fees.

Click here for the full story on BBC News Online.

Nikon D1 / 28-70D AFS
An Army media day near Colchester.  A chance for the military to show they are ready for the Gulf. 

Worrying times and a somewhat surreal experience as soldiers and kit ran this way and that as directed by the large contingent of press photragphers and camera crews.

Nikon D1 / 28-70D AFS
Click here to read the full story:
(You will need to click the launcher when the new window opens.
I'm trying out a
Nokia phone that
has a built in
camera to see if
it could be useful
for journalists
out on stories
- here a couple
of results.

It's not too bad once you scale the images down, but at full size they are appaling.

Nokia 7650 Mobile Phone
Week 05
A day trip to Belfast this week where I snapped a quick picture of the City Hall.  I was lucky to get back home as the flight into Stansted was somewhat choppy and heavy snow the following day closed the airport for 24 hours.

Leica Digilux 1
February 2003
December 2002
Snow!  Lydia's first experience - she was not impressed.

Leica M6 / Nikon F100