December 2016
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Week 49
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A beautiful evening at Anglesey Abbey for the Winter Lights.

Week 50
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Week 51
Week 52
A few random pictures taken on a new Leica M-P and below one for a story for the BBC...

They told me I had cancer - then they said I was pregnant
A fantastic chance for Lydia - singing with her choir Cantate at St Paul's Cathedral in London - part of a carol concert. Wonderful to see her singing there.

Joint photo as the school ones didn't work out - so we shot this at home.
Christmas has come round again... at home and in West Mersea
Gran, Nanny and Grandpop and Kristine came on the 25th
More presents at Susan and Alan's with David, Zoe, Olivia and Imogen
During the week we visited Wicken Fen, a lovely spot we shall return to when there will be more birds to view.