November 2016
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Week 44
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Musician Radially Kouyate and a deflated balloon!

Below, a church in Barking, a murder scene, one of many pictures taken for this piece...

Week 45
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Week 46
Week 47
Week 48
It'a Alistair's birthday - a Llama hat from his sister!  He'd had friends over for a sleep over and a trip to Jump Giants in October half-term.
It was also Gerrie's 80th so the family met at their home in Peterborough
Lydia and Mum discussing a problem...
Toby's birthday, this year he's had a motorbike!  
Lydia's mock Art exam, a painting of Denmark Street in London, famous for it's music and arts, often known as Tin Pan Alley.
An overnight in Huddersfield...  images used for social media and in these videos.

Therapy Dogs for Students 

The teeth of Huddersfield
Above a trip to the zip wire park and below it's a Leica Society gathering at the Leica store in Mayfair