January 2013
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Week 01
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Week 02
It's New Year and after the kids had stayed up past midnight with David, Jane Thomas and William we were up and off to Mersea for New Year's Day.
Lydia and Alistair on their ipod's.
Alistair with his football team mates and their new sponsored jackets
A few shots of Scrabble for a story at work and some street shots this week.
...and a few lunchtime's on the street with my M6 with winder attached...
A brief trip to Televison Centre and this is all that is left of 7540, our old office.

Below the photos I took of the trip Paula and I took up the A1 a few years ago, now falling away....
Lydia with her swimming club team collecting their medals of the year..
A trip to Southend and I spotted the Titanic ashore, as well a a few pictures of Imogen...
Week 05
A few street shots for the last street project
February 2013
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