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Photo 'A' Week - March 2005
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Week 10
^ Lydia and Charlotte playing during a visit to Gran's for her birthday.

Week 11
> Alistair is starting to sit up, though he's still happy in his high chair with friends.

Week 12
Peter Snow for the BBC Election News Website.  I was wandering aroound TV centre when I was grabbed and asked to take a few pictures for the various links to Peter Snow's features for the Election, anyway, you can see some of it here. As you can see, it was fun.

Week 13
Alistair posing for the camera at four months.

Below, with Amy.

Another pre-election job, this time a few hours with Sir Teddy Taylor. Click here to see the pop-up.

Well it's March, so it must be The Lakes.  Yep, we are off to staay in our favourite corner of the country again and to see Grandpop and Mollie in Yorkshire.  Cars ready, dodgy food en-route and many hours later we arrive.

We're lucky with reasonable weather all week and even Peter Rabbit World has been given a face lift for us this year.  Otherwise lots of walking and everyone has a fun time.

As ever there is plenty to do on the farm, though no pictures of the new lambs this year.

Good for Lydia to see her Great Grandparents again, and Gran was visiting them too.

February 2005
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