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Photo 'A' Week - November 2003
October 2003
December 2003
Week 45
Lydia and Gran at a local park where there are lots of rabbits, chickens and budgies to look at, as well as leaves to collect.

Leica Digilux 1
Week 46
The mystery of Piltdown Man

I'm off to the Natural History Musuem to photograph remains and reconstructions of Piltdown Man.  It's the first time in a year or so I have used all my studio lights and though.

Click here for the 360 experience.
Week 47
Lydia and Oliver playing.

Nokia 7650 mobile phone
Week 48
US President George W Bush is in town bringing with him massive security (over 14000 police on duty) as well as provoking the largest weekday demonstration London has ever seen with over 100,000 on the streets.

I spent two days out, initially covering the alternative procession hereto see the story) and the next day shooting a weblog of the main march (click here to view).

Nikon D1 / Nokia 7650 Mobile phone
Also at work the Concorde special feature won this month's original journalism award and so all the team were presented with bottles of bubbly (L-R Me, Martin, Nikola, Chris and Sarah)

To see the full story on BBC News Online click here.
December 2003
October 2003
Welcoming the World Cup winning rugby team back to Heathrow at 5am meant an early start, around 2am! Full story here.

Leica Digilux 1
Here are a few extra shots from the last few months shot on Jane's Olympus Mju
^ (clockwise)

Lydia and Matthew playing in the garden/ Lydia dressing up/ Lydia takes a nap/ Eleanor and Phoebe as a Tiger and Lion/ Lydia tucks into lunch.