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Photo 'A' Week - October 2003
September 2003
November 2003
Week 40
Off to Lords to see Botham and Willis launch a new wine, followed by a taste test on the streets, have I stumbled into That's Life! Full story here. Nikon D1
Week 41
Week 42
Lydia loved the sea so much she wanted to return, I think she thought it was always sunny there.  Alas it was a little chilly on the front at Frinton.

Leica M6
Week 43
A belated first birthday party for Oliver. Lydia made new friends and a great time was had.

Leica Digilux 1
Week 44
Finally got out of the office this week to the Tate Modern and a new installation.

See story here.

Nikon D1
The above 360 view of the cockpit of Concorde was taken months ago, but this is the week it retires and when it hit the BBC site.  See story here or click here for the tours.
Emma mucking about with our phone camera, shooting me shooting her.
November 2003
September 2003
A trip to a primary school in Brixton where the architecture is used to aid the learning environment.  Fascinting as we are just about to start looking at schools for Lydia. Click here for the full story on BBC News Online.

Nikon D1
Sir Ranulph Fiennes is running seven marathons in seven days on seven continents - MAD!

Anyway the end of his London leg (No.5) was at Televiion Centre.  He arrived nearly an hour early so I wasn't in position but just had time to grab this shot of him.

Click here for the full story.

Nikon D1 / 16mm (24mm) Lens