September 2015
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Week 36
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A visit to the Olympic Park at Stratford and a journey to the top of the tower. 

A fun day in a lovely and surprising place.
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Week 40
A damp and grey day on the Isle of Mersea...
It's goodbye to the Wendy House, many years of service but it had to go...
It's KIT from Knight Rider and Alistair at the wheel of a sporty Fiat 500.
A visit to see the old archive which is now in Pimlico, not really an uplifting experience... but nice to see the old stuff again.

It includes an index card recording all the shots I took of Peterborough that are now in the BBC Archive and a frame of the now Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn in his 1987 election photo. The first one I worked on at the Beeb. This is me touching the slide I first came into contact with nearly 30 years ago.
The garden is coming on. We have a new area in front of the greenhouse and new beds cuts.

I just need to make a new base for the bench.