January 2015
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A new year and back to work. Taken using my new iPhone at Tottenham Hale.

New look to the site, no real thought gone into it, just a way of making it simpler to produce using my Mac rather than the old PC application from Homestead. I may well improve it as we go along.
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A large number of Sinclair C5 vehicles appeared outside Broadcasting House to mark the 30th anniversary of their creation. Such awesome pieces of kit. 

And below a pic of a level crossing - no real reason for it!
Olivia and Imogen at Susan and Alan's on Mersea.
An iPhone snap of a Prisoner style Lotus 7 and my Refuel Caterham badge, sadly the company did not emerge from the flames and it's F1 days are no more.
A tree covered in snow on the way to work, the same tree that was pictures on a misty morning many years ago.