January 2014
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February 2014
December 2013
Week 01
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Week 03
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Week 02
Alistair had a micrscope for Christmas so spent the next day examining all sorts fo objects up close.
Week 05
I visited the church in Broxbourne where Grandpop and Mollie are buried - just to say hello.
Alistair in a familiar pose, playing on the iPad.
And another portrait for work, this time our Science reporter, Victoria Gill
A blast from the past, one of my childhood games that I've held onto, Campaign - a game of military strategy in the Napoleonic era.  Great fun, a two day game resulted in a win for Alistair as the Spanish General.
A swimming competition in Braintree for Lydia - she did well, some PBs and a couple of medals.
December 2013
February 2014
Laura Kuenssberg  has rejoined the BBC from ITV - this is one of the pictures I took for her new blog.