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Photo 'A' Week - January 2004
December 2003
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Week 1
Lydia in her room with all her Christmas presents.  So many lovely gifts.

Leica Digilux 1
Week 2
On New Years Eve we go the park with Nanny and play on the swings, get stuck on a wet slide and run around the empty paddling pool.

Leica Digilux 1
Week 3
Victoria Station, London, and the BBC News Online Rail Champion takes on the Minister for Transport, Kim Howells in a Head to Head.  See the full story here.

Nikon D1 28-80D AFS
A day at the Zoo, Colchester Zoo.  A little bit cold but great fun, especially the penguins... wheeeeeee

Leica  M6 / 35 Summicron
Week 4
The day has arrived.. so soon, it can't be true.  Lydia and her friend Eleanor as they leave their first day at school.

Ok, so it's actually pre-school and only for just over two hours each week, but it's still school.

Lydia loved it, even the bit when Mummy left her.

Leica  M6 / 21 Voigtlander
Other events this week, (left) Lydia and Oliver exchange overdue Christmas pressies and (below) it's Mummy's birthday, 21 again, and Gran comes to dinner.

Leica  M6 / 35 Summicron / 90 Elmarit
Week 5
Lydia and Eleanor dancing to the 'Scarecrow' song.

Eleanor's Mum had an accident and had to go to hospital, thankfully she is now fine but Eleanor and Lydia spent lots of time together.

Leica  M6 / 21 Voigtlander
SNOW!  This year Lydia loves the white stuff.  Here she is with Eleanor and Phoebe, either lost or looking for something, the grass perhaps?
Not wanting to be outdone, Daddy arrives home and builds a snowman, well it looks a bit like a snowman.
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December 2003