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Photo 'A' Week - June 2002
May 2002
July 2002
Week 23
Playing in the garden... with Uncle David and standing up on your own for the first time

Leica M6 / Leica 50mm Summicron
July 2002
May 2002
I was once again sent out to cover the Queens Golden Jubilee, this time the parade itself. 
Thousands flooded the streets of London to see the carnival.

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Nikon D1
Week 24
Your first real holiday...

Beddgelert in North Wales with David and Vicky.  The small selection of pictures here show us at Aber Falls, POrtmeirion and your first train ride.

LEica M6 / Compaq Pocket PC
Week 25
Hannah's 1st Birthday Party - Dad got suncream in your eyes which meant we had to go indoors for a while but you were soon back outside trying out Hannah's swing.

Leica M6 / 50mm Summicron

All your friends come round for a party, the weather is perfect and everyone has a great time playing in the garden.  What a wonderful year we have had with our daughter.

Leica M6 / 21 Voigtlander,
35, 50, 90mm Summicron
Week 26
Not content with just one birthday party we have another at the weekend with friends and family... Dad sets fire the the Bar-B-Q but otherwise all goes to plan.

Leica M6 / 50mm Summicron & Nikon F100 35-105
We've made it through the first year, some great times and some sleepless nights... but it's so rewarding to watch as you develop your own little personality and take your first steps we wouldn't have wanted it any other way, here's to the next year. 

Nikon F100 / 35-105D
Inside the Freemasons Hall in Holborn, London for the BBC.

Nikon D1/ Nikon 16mm - join up